Hi there! I’m Jen.  If you have the chance to meet with me you’ll find that I’m personable, relaxed, and organized.  I create timeless, yet current photos that you will love and treasure your whole life.  I’m quick at editing, and I’m personal and easy to get a hold of.   I’m a photographer, part-time elementary teacher, wife, and mom.  Where does my photographer story begin?  It actually started when I won a big makeover in New York City!  When the company couldn’t fulfill the makeover they sent me a visa gift card which I promptly used to purchase a DSLR camera and photography lessons.  I’ve been learning and shooting ever since.  I’ve been professionally taking photos since January of 2010 and haven’t put the camera down.  I love photographing weddings and my kids and I’m obsessed with Ruby Snap cookies and gardening.  Click around my website and see if you like what you see and contact me.  I’d love to chat with you!


My husband and I met at a Halloween party where I was dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  The following January he was making a list of goals for the year and on that list he put “Date Dorothy”.  We became reacquainted 6 months later and quickly fell in love.  We were married a year later the following June.  He is obsessed with soccer and also enjoys film-making.  Our oldest child Megan is an amazing dancer.  She is sweet, friendly, and a hard-worker.  She also knows how to shoot photos and has been shooting in manual on my back up DSLR for the last year.  Our middle child Isaac is spirited and happy.  He’s very smart and loves to be busy making things or learning about them.  Our youngest Eli is our active yet cuddly little guy.  He brings a lot of joy and love to our family.  Our family loves to spend time together and most evenings you will find us playing in the yard, going for walks, and riding bikes.