Nigel and Annie are absolutely adorable and so sweet as well.   Annie is attending school at Utah State University and Nigel currently lives in Salt Lake and is a police officer.  They agreed to meet me at Antelope Island for their engagements.  They started out in casual outfits and we stopped along the causeway as we saw beautiful spots.  They were so easy going and trusting.  I love it when clients trust me to find the best locations and light.  It’s fun to just pull over and shoot at random when you are in a beautiful place.  There was one area that had a beautiful reflection.  They were adventurous and took their shoes off and walked in the bare water.  It was totally worth it!  Later we headed towards Lady Finger.  Annie changed into the most beautiful, flowy, dusty blue dress and looked gorgeous.  Nigel looked handsome in his dress up clothes and had some snazzy looking socks.  They were dressed perfectly for the location.

We walked over all the rocks and got some beautiful photos from every angle.  During this time we chatted about how they met, mutual friends, etc. Next, we drove up the road to get some field views.  There were buffalo right on the road, and even though we wanted photos with buffalo we still kept our distance.  They are wild animals and they could move quickly if they wanted to.  We also had a little fun with some off camera flash.  It was cloudy, so instead of a typical sunset the sky illuminated a deep blue.  It was so beautiful.  I enjoyed spending the day with Nigel and Annie and I’m excited for them!


Meet Katie.  She is the most adorable, happy girl that has the best smile and laugh!  I’ve know Katie since she was young.  I was her elementary teacher.  She was also one of my children’s favorite babysitters.  She always had a natural talent for it too.  I knew I could depend on her not only play with my kids, but also make sure they were fed, changed, and happy.  When she asked me to take her Senior photos I was honored.  When I asked her what kind of photos she wanted she left a lot of the discretion up to me, which meant I was able to use a little unique spot as well.  She showed up in the most darling plum colored top and full half skirt.  Her makeup and hair was perfect!  Katie was good at hair even as a young child.  Later on she changed into her high waisted jeans and wanted to go barefoot.  She said people always identify her running around barefoot.  I had a lot of fun catching up with her.  I can’t believe she is old enough to graduate, and look how gorgeous she is!  She is currently in the process of getting ready for an LDS mission.  I love this cute Katie and I’m so excited to see what she does with her amazing life!

This couple could not be more adorable!  Ronnie and Logan met at work and the romanced blossomed quickly.  Logan proposed to Ronnie by having his cousin make a movie.  Their family and friends came to watch and when it ended he was on one knee proposing.  How adorable is that?!  We started out their engagement session at Memory Grove and the blossoms were absolutely gorgeous and smelled amazing!  We had a good time taking photos and a few dogs even photobombed the photoshoot.  Ronnie is a cat person and Logan is a dog person.  They talked about possible pets they might own one day.  We then headed out to Saltaire to finish the engagement session.  It’s one of my favorite places to shoot.  We took some photos with natural light, some photos with off camera flash, and some photos with a lensbaby.  They were so sweet and cute, and so polite.  Logan kept saying, “Thank you for taking these photos for us!”  I was the one that was glad I got to document these two!

Formals were taken in a field in Ogden and at the Ogden Temple.  We had planned to do formals somewhere else, but I had found this beautiful field, and also the area with the white flowers that reminded me of “The Sound of Music”.  Ronnie looked absolutely gorgeous in her sparkly, poofy dress.  She looked like a princess!  Logan looked handsome in his gray suit.  Their first look was fun.  He spun her around and looked at her with absolute adoration.  Ronnie’s sister and mom joined us to help.  A funny sidenote is that Ronnie’s sister also had one of those robotic child development babies with her to care for.  The baby was good and didn’t cry once, much to her sister’s relief.  The Ogden Temple had gorgeous tulips and daffodils and Ronnie and Logan radiated love.  My husband did the videography.

The wedding day was very warm, but very windy.  I’m so glad we took their formals at the temple ahead of time!  Ronnie and Logan were so happy.  Their reception was help at Pleasant View City Offices.  They had a big photo booth and decorations that were Cinderella themed.  The room was dimmed and full of beautiful, white lights.  I set up off camera flash in order to catch all the details and moments in the activity area.  I won’t make a bride turn on the lights and ruin the atmosphere.  This is why I also know how to use flashes and lights.  They served donuts and Zeppe’s Italian Ice.  Outside they had a bubble machine and the photo booth.  Guests could congregate both outside and inside and it was such a fun time.  I had a great time shooting while Crystal Leaf Photography did the Videography.  Crystal was so much fun to work with!  One of the highlights for me was the cake.  It was the best wedding cake I have ever tasted hands down!  I wish the best to these two on their life together.  I had so much fun photographing their wedding!

Brayden and Tori are the cutest couple!  Tori actually was planning on serving an LDS mission, but when she met Brayden she took a leap of faith and fell in love.  A wedding was in the works instead.  Someone had give Brayden, Tori’s number and told him to call her.  They immediately made a date and the rest was history.  I enjoyed every moment photographing these two.  They are both gentle and kind.  We took their photos in downtown Ogden and also some overlooking North Ogden and Pleasant View.  These two were such good sports.  The weather started out nice and then turned into a windy, coldy shoot.  I asked them if they wanted to reschedule or quit and try again another day, but these two were up for an adventure.  You would never know how cold and windy it was during their photo session.  They are so in love and it shows.

The formal session took place at the Ogden Temple and Mantua.  Tori wore a beautiful, flowy dress and had the most gorgeous bouquet.  Funny side note, is that her aunt helped make the bouquet and it was hands down one of my favorite bouquets ever!  Brayden looked handsome in his navy suit and was so excited to see his bride for the first time.  We did a first look and I had her stop and just hold him for a second before he turned around.  The excitement for these two were obvious.  It was fun as Tori’s dad, mom, and sister also got to witness the first look and help with the session.  I always welcome extra helpers.  My husband did the videography and filmed the first look as well as the formals at the temple.  We had to move quickly to get to the temple, but the tulips were absolutely gorgeous!

Their wedding day was a beautiful, warm day.  I’m so glad we took their formals at the temple previously, because as I showed up to the temple they had cleared out ALL of the flower beds.  They were just dirt.  I’m so glad we got some beautiful, flower photos previously.

Their reception was held at Union Station and it was one of the most beautifully decorated receptions that I have been to.  Tori’s grandma, mom, and aunts were the ones that decorated it so gorgeously.  I told them they really need to go into the business, because they did absolutely an amazing job.  The details of a wedding are my favorite and they knocked it out of the park.

The poppy field is not new to me.  I’ve been going to the poppy field for several years.  The last couple of years the location has been available to more people and more people are photographing there.  If there is happiness everyone should experience it right?  My sweet friend Kristen had been watching my poppy pictures for a few years and she decided she wanted family photos done there.  Kristen is a warrior.  She courageously battled brain cancer for a few years.  She had bravely and with an optimistic attitude fought for years.  Recently, they found another brain tumor that was progressing rapidly.  I told her I would take her family photos and the poppies were her first wish.  We weren’t sure about the timeline of things so we tentatively planned some orchard pictures in the meantime, but unfortunately things progressed more quickly than expected.  I visited her about a week before she passed away in the care center.  I shared with her some things that were on my mind that were a bit personal, but felt strongly needed to be shared and then we talked about the poppies.  I asked her if she still wanted me to do photos in the poppy field, in which she nodded and replied, “Yes.”  I asked her if she had ever been to the poppy field before and she lit up.  She told me she had only seen the photos.  I told her about the beauty of the field and how amazing and stunning it was.  She lit up and she opened her eyes as we spoke about it.  She passed away about a week later.

When I contacted her husband Nick about the photo session he agreed.  I know photo sessions aren’t always the most exciting thing for the dad, but he was such a good sport.  His sister, Jen helped them get ready.  I contemplated ways in which to honor Kristen.  I didn’t want it to be cheesy or awkward.  I wanted it to be loving, happy, and warm just like the poppies and Kristen.  The date we had scheduled happened to be a rainy day so we rescheduled on which coincidentally (or not so coincidentally) ended up being Kristen’s birthday.  I know Kristen is experiencing things as beautiful and even more beautiful than the poppy field.  I also know there is no place she would have been then in the poppy field with her two adorable daughters and her husband who always displayed his neverending love to beautiful, happy Kristen.  Take a peek of their photos.