Nigel and Annie | Antelope Island Engagements | Ogden Utah Photographer

Nigel and Annie are absolutely adorable and so sweet as well.   Annie is attending school at Utah State University and Nigel currently lives in Salt Lake and is a police officer.  They agreed to meet me at Antelope Island for their engagements.  They started out in casual outfits and we stopped along the causeway as we saw beautiful spots.  They were so easy going and trusting.  I love it when clients trust me to find the best locations and light.  It’s fun to just pull over and shoot at random when you are in a beautiful place.  There was one area that had a beautiful reflection.  They were adventurous and took their shoes off and walked in the bare water.  It was totally worth it!  Later we headed towards Lady Finger.  Annie changed into the most beautiful, flowy, dusty blue dress and looked gorgeous.  Nigel looked handsome in his dress up clothes and had some snazzy looking socks.  They were dressed perfectly for the location.

We walked over all the rocks and got some beautiful photos from every angle.  During this time we chatted about how they met, mutual friends, etc. Next, we drove up the road to get some field views.  There were buffalo right on the road, and even though we wanted photos with buffalo we still kept our distance.  They are wild animals and they could move quickly if they wanted to.  We also had a little fun with some off camera flash.  It was cloudy, so instead of a typical sunset the sky illuminated a deep blue.  It was so beautiful.  I enjoyed spending the day with Nigel and Annie and I’m excited for them!