Poppy Field with the Bullocks | Ogden Family Photographer

The poppy field is not new to me.  I’ve been going to the poppy field for several years.  The last couple of years the location has been available to more people and more people are photographing there.  If there is happiness everyone should experience it right?  My sweet friend Kristen had been watching my poppy pictures for a few years and she decided she wanted family photos done there.  Kristen is a warrior.  She courageously battled brain cancer for a few years.  She had bravely and with an optimistic attitude fought for years.  Recently, they found another brain tumor that was progressing rapidly.  I told her I would take her family photos and the poppies were her first wish.  We weren’t sure about the timeline of things so we tentatively planned some orchard pictures in the meantime, but unfortunately things progressed more quickly than expected.  I visited her about a week before she passed away in the care center.  I shared with her some things that were on my mind that were a bit personal, but felt strongly needed to be shared and then we talked about the poppies.  I asked her if she still wanted me to do photos in the poppy field, in which she nodded and replied, “Yes.”  I asked her if she had ever been to the poppy field before and she lit up.  She told me she had only seen the photos.  I told her about the beauty of the field and how amazing and stunning it was.  She lit up and she opened her eyes as we spoke about it.  She passed away about a week later.

When I contacted her husband Nick about the photo session he agreed.  I know photo sessions aren’t always the most exciting thing for the dad, but he was such a good sport.  His sister, Jen helped them get ready.  I contemplated ways in which to honor Kristen.  I didn’t want it to be cheesy or awkward.  I wanted it to be loving, happy, and warm just like the poppies and Kristen.  The date we had scheduled happened to be a rainy day so we rescheduled on which coincidentally (or not so coincidentally) ended up being Kristen’s birthday.  I know Kristen is experiencing things as beautiful and even more beautiful than the poppy field.  I also know there is no place she would have been then in the poppy field with her two adorable daughters and her husband who always displayed his neverending love to beautiful, happy Kristen.  Take a peek of their photos.